Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOW #38: Expanded Territory

We've had a report from a family in Midlothian, VA. The Terrierist Gang was definitely at their house last night. Actually it was my friend, Lizzie's house so I'll let her tell you about it:


Thanks Bentley! It was just awful! I was the only one who saw them at first. No one else noticed them until they looked back at the Kitty Cam and found their pictures. Kasey and Newman were blaming ME for all the bad stuff and saying I just made up the story about the Terrierists to cover up!

First they infiltrated the house disguised as a bag of bagels.

I didn't see them at first, I must have been upstairs helping Purrson.

Here they are sneaking out of the bag!

Next they got into our food in the kitchen and made a big mess.

I didn't think dogs liked cat food? Anyway Kasey got really mad at me for spreading food all over the floor and I didn't even know what she was talking about! (But she's really very nice, MOST of the time.)

After they had eaten all they wanted, Flatt da Cat found the scratching pad...

....and got high on catnip...

Newman was upset about somebody messing with his scratcher and of course he blamed me.

Next they went upstairs to Purrson's room and went through her jewelry...

They spread it all over the floor so they could choose the best pieces.

The Terrierist used his famous nose to sniff out the precious metals.

THEN they started trying it all on. Here's Flatt with Purrson's earrings.

And The Terrierist had on her BRAND NEW necklace. He probably wants to give it to his girlfriend...or ONE of his girlfriends! I bet he's stringing along a dozen or more!

While they were sorting through the jewelry, Reddlipps found Purrson's nightshirt.

He seemed fascinated by the monkeys like him on it...

He even tried it on! Is that a tear in his eye?

Of COURSE Purrson thought I was the one who was playing with her jewelry and messing up her clean clothes!

I decided I needed to find out what was going on...

...that's how I happened to spot them playing on one of my pet condos!

I ran over to find out what they were doing, I thought they were new friends at first....

But THEN I noticed how they were destroying my condo and I got mad! I told them they had to leave and they just laughed at me!

So then I screamed for help!

Is anybody coming?

No? I'll have to save the house by myself!

I just told that Terrierist to get out or I'd show him what scratching is all about! So he and the others ran off.

When last seen they were creeping through the garage...

....probably looking for a car to steal!

Oh I'm just a nervous wreck! Oh Bentley! Please send Sheriff Wyatt and his posse over here as soon as possible! What if they come back?!


Thanks for that report Lizzie! You were very brave chasing that gang away all on your own! I'll ask Sheriff Wyatt to come over there right away. Keep your eyes open until he gets there!

That's the report from Midlothian folks...stay tuned right here for more information!

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