Monday, September 19, 2011

WOW #35 APB!!!

Hey everybody! Big news! Sheriff Wyatt has put out an APB for The Terrierist and ReddLipps the Chimp! Be sure to keep your ears open and your noses to the ground!

Here's the last known photo of these two dastards taken by a local surveillance agency:

Memorize, shred and flush! We can't risk having sensitive information like this falling into the wrong hands!

Sheriff Wyatt has been sniffing out dozens of clues and has come up with a bit more information about this vicious pair.

Terry The Terrierist AKA Flumpy is wanted in New Jersey on charges of chair chewing, ripping up newspapers, unrolling toilet paper, overthrowing toy baskets and kidnappings of numerous barnyard animals including lambs, calves, piglets and ducklings.

He is known to be a master at the art of camouflage...

Note the way he just blends right into the surface. Very chameleon-esque! I was looking right at him and couldn't see him!

ReddLipps the Chimp is best known for his monkey business. There are no warrants (other than the one for lambnapping) for his arrest at this time but he is widely suspected of such crimes as stealing bananas (Mummy and Auntie A say they don't have a problem with this as long as he doesn't LEAVE any bananas at THEIR houses!) and stealing other fruits and throwing same at passing motorists on the highway. He is also the prime suspect in a number of incidents of kissing the girls and making them cry.

ReddLipps is a genius at disguises. They say he never uses the same character twice. Here's one of his more recent efforts:

You can see how carefully he thinks out every detail.

Sheriff Wyatt tells me that he has also asked the Government to reactivate Super Secret Special Agent Goat Goat (currently retired and in charge of security on a local horse farm) to help with this investigation. Goat Goat has expressed a willingness to help. In fact she says she'd love to get these two evildoers pinned under her horns!

She's sharpening them up now so she'll be ready!

Be on the lookout! We don't know where this criminal element will surface next! You can't be too careful.

Updates as they become available...

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  1. Danks for the warning Bentley! We will be on the look out here in TN! We hope they do not try to strike again!