Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just a quick update folks...Sheriff Wyatt has just notified us that another criminal mind has joined the band of outlaws we're looking for. He's known as Flatt Da Cat. Here's a recent photo of a meeting he had with The Terrierist and ReddLipps:

As you can see, he's been through the ringer a few times! Flatt is a famous cat burglar known for his ability to slide under doors, shimmy past even the most high tech security features and slip through the cracks. Even so he's made more than one trip to the slammer (Mummy says she thinks he was "slammered" in the door!)

Though normally a loner, he has worked with ReddLipps the Chimp in the past and is now as you can see, joining forces with The Terrierist Gang

Note how chummy they all are! They must be plotting something really vile!

Sheriff Wyatt informs me that this meeting went on for quite a while and the cunning trio maintained the demeanor of harmless toys the entire time to escape detection. (Probably Reddlipps the genius of disguises thought up this clever scheme!)

The Sheriff says to keep an eye on your valuables, keep your barnyard animals AND CATS! under lock and key and hide your milkbones in a safe or safe deposit box until this gang is apprehended.

I'll keep you posted as more details come in! Stay safe!


  1. I hope they do not target Bimmer and Turbo at home alone!!!!! Stay safe Bentley!

  2. Mummy says Turbo won't let anything happen to Bimmer or the house. Thanks though Roscoe!