Monday, September 26, 2011

WOW #39 On the Prowl Again!

Hi Everyone! We've had a few quiet days here with no Terrierist sightings. Sheriff Wyatt has them on the run! We found out though that the family is not quite Terrierist free!

Auntie A found them at HER house. They didn't stay long. Partly because Auntie A doesn't have any pets for them to terrierize and partly because they were discovered so quickly.

They snuck into the house disguised as a birthday present...

...but as you can see her cracker-jack security team was on them like white on rice! You see nobody at Auntie A's place has a birthday this month!

They just barely escaped!

They tried hiding out in the kitchen while security was searching for them upstairs and they got into a lot of stuff.

ReddLipps the Chimp decided to practice his acrobatics.

He got that chandelier swinging pretty good! I'm glad he didn't break it down! Auntie A loves that chandelier! My Mummy gave it to her, that's why!

After that, The Terrierist and ReddLipps checked to see if there was any chocolate in that kiss fondue pot while Flatt da Cat practiced his camouflaging skills

He's really getting pretty good...

I guess the worst thing they did was steal a pair of Auntie A's black slacks while they were disguised as a pile of laundry...

I can't imagine what they wanted them for! Auntie A says maybe they needed material for parachutes.......UH OH!

Sheriff Wyatt, what do we do now?! Do you think they have a PLANE? OH NO! I hope they're apprehended soon!

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything!

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