Sunday, July 31, 2011

WOW #19 My First Family

Say did everyone else have as hot a weekend as we did here in Richmond? Whew! I opted to join Turbo for the nap in the air-conditioned house after we had checked our messages. It was THAT hot! Nothing much exciting happening here this weekend...Auntie A baked some cookies and she said I can have some at work tomorrow if I can get Mummy to agree.

Anyway, I thought I'd talk about something that IS exciting even if I didn't get to see them this weekend. That's my other family. I LOVE all of them! I'm talking about my Momma and my Grandma and Momma's sister Auntie T and my brother Tank. Oh and Grandpa too.

This is my Momma. Isn't she beautiful?

I think Momma and Beatrice could tie for first place in a beauty pageant!

Mummy says that I LOOK more like my daddy, but I ACT just like Momma! (I'm so proud to be her son!)

This is what my Momma looked like when she was a puppy, back in her Pre-Momma days:

That's my Auntie T with her: a sisters' picture! See how adorableness just RUNS in my family?

My brother Tank lives with them too. He's the one who nearly drowned in the well. He says he can swim now and he's not afraid of the well AT ALL.

I guess that's why he's very bravely hiding under somebody's legs on the lounge chair rather than over in the well swimming!

Tank doesn't hang out at the well all the time though. Sometimes he likes to relax on the sofa in the living room, same as me and Turbo at our house:
That DOES look pretty comfy! I love Grandma's house!

Tank doesn't go to work like I do. But he says he's considering a modeling career. Here's one of the shots in his portfolio:

He says he likes posing with his sister, T...

Hey! WAIT a minute! How can Auntie T be Tank's sister if she's my Auntie and Tank is my BROTHER?! That doesn't make any sense at all! I'm SOOOO confused!

Sometimes my first family comes to visit me. At least, Grandma and Momma and Tank come. Here's a few hints for making your first family feel welcome.

1. Make SURE Grandma knows that you love her a LOT!

2. Invite your brother out to the backyard to play. When you're tired, take a little break under the fans on the deck.

3. If your brother needs a little more rest than you do, give him extra time while you find something else to entertain you.

What's going on out there? See ya later Tank.

Tank has another snooze.

I think this is where they put the food, let me just casually make my way up anyone coming?

Uh oh! Busted!

Oh...ahhhh...heh in the world did I get up HERE?

4. Check and see if your brother is ready for another round.

Tank! Yo! Tank! Wake up!

5. Give Grandma some more lovin'.

You can never love on a Grandma too much!

6. Once you and your brother are all played out, collapse on the patio near where the humans are eating. You definitely want to be close to that!

Psst! Tank! Can you tell what they're eating? Other than BUTTER that is...(once Tank ate a WHOLE STICK of butter when he came to visit! We still call him "Butter Boy" sometimes.)

And THAT'S some really good ways to enjoy a visit from your first family. I better go now. It'll be time to get up before I ever get to bed! Have a great Monday!


  1. Arroooooo!!! It looks like you had a nice family visit. Enjoy your Monday.

  2. Now that is a lovely family family visit!!