Sunday, July 3, 2011

WOW #4 The WELL!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Now look, I know this is a holiday weekend and I know it's hot, but my advice is this (especially for all Basset-style dogs):


My brother Tank almost drowned one time when he got too close to the well at Grandma's and fell in. Grandma jumped in and saved him! He SAYS he knows how to swim now, but I still think keeping your distance from the well is the best way to go. That's what I always do! You'll never believe this but Auntie A actually GAVE me and Turbo a well the summer I first went to live with Mummy! Usually she's a lot smarter than that. Hmm....

Mummy put me IN it (can't believe THAT either!) and I jumped right out! She put Turbo in too and he actually stayed in! He said it felt good on his if THAT made it safe!

After that though we both stayed out of the well and let Mummy take pictures of us next to it.

We didn't want Auntie A to feel bad, even if she DID go slightly crazy there for a while! Mummy says Auntie A LOVES the well and goes to the one in her neighborhood every chance she gets. Of course...she can swim. Mummy can't swim so she really doesn't like the well either.

Another thing you have to remember is that the well can show up everywhere! There's the little one Auntie A gave us, there's a bigger one at Grandma's house and once when Mummy and I went to visit Uncle Boss Man (more about him another time), he had a GREAT BIG well that stretched out as far as you could see one way and then when you turned and looked in the opposite direction, there it was stretching out as far as you could see THAT way too! I wouldn't go near it. I stayed right next to Mummy. Mummy said that well is called the James River. Who knew they had names? I wonder what Grandma's well is called....

So to sum up: my recommendation is to stay as far away from wells as you can. And watch out for them, they sneak up on you if you're not careful! If you absolutely have to be around them though, it's a good idea to learn to swim like my Auntie A and my brother Tank.

Have a safe Independence Day. Wait until you see what I'll be doing tomorrow to celebrate!

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