Friday, July 15, 2011

WOW #11 More About Brothers

Just couldn't leave the subject of brothers without mentioning my other brothers and my Momma. I've got 4 brothers: Tank, Fred, Angus and Winston and a sister Bella (she likes birthday cake).

I only get to see Bella and Winston on very special occasions. Angus too, he WAS at the Fourth of July parade, you may remember but we don't get together as often as we'd like.

But Fred and Tank and me...WOW we party together a lot! And Momma too of course. Momma and Tank live with my Grandma. I LOVE my Grandma and going to her house is SOOOO fun! I mean...except for the WELL!
Sometimes everybody comes to my house and that's fun too.

The MOST fun was when we took a trip to New Jersey though to be in a special Basset parade called the Basset Waddle. Mummy said it was part of the DooDah parade, but surely it was really all about the Bassets! There were LOTS of Bassets there so it must have been!

We got to play and meet new friends and do special games and march. It was really fun! First we all signed in and had a meet and greet.

Fred is QUITE the ladies man! Who knew?

He really goes for the girly-girls all dressed up in the frilly outfits! He says they're the best! (Except for Momma of course)

After Fred finished handing out cards to all the best-dressed ladies, we played some games.

Here's Tank and Fred doing the obstacle course.

Tank thought the whole thing was a waste of time (so did I) but Fred took it pretty seriously. (Needed to impress all those girls, I suppose)

Then we marched in the parade. Mummy calls this photo "marching butts" That's Momma on the far right side.

Afterwards we went to the beach. That was SOOOO fun! Mummy says she wishes she had a video of me running around on the beach. I'm not sure why.

Mummy and I got a shot of Fred and Tank on the boardwalk.

Then that night was boys' night. First Tank and Fred needed a rest...

Then Fred checked his mom's purse to see if any of his new girlfriends had left him a text message while he was snoozing.

Turns out he was also looking for the cigars...

I helped Fred watch from the window for any good-looking lady dogs

Fred was practicing a killer smile for them.

After a while, Fred had to go out and greet some of his groupies. Tank and I spied on him from the window. (heh heh)

After that we partied and played! That's my only rule for a Brothers' (and Momma) Weekend: Have as much fun as you can, as enthusiastically as you can, as long as you can, as OFTEN as you can!

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