Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WOW #6: Guests

I LOVE guests! Guests are wonderful! You definitely want to have lots of guests in your home, or if you're a working dog like me, in your place of business. Yesterday my good friend Auntie ViolinK came by with her children C and M. And they brought COOKIES! Guests who bring cookies are just DA BOMB!!

We had a really good time, but I kept having to show everybody where the cookies were! Humans forget these things really fast if you don't remind them.

Children are really fun to play with and C drew me some pictures too:

I don't know why this one will only go in upside down. I guess you'll have to stand on your head so that you can see how I got the "Crown of Cute" consider it your exercise for the day.

When you have guests, be sure to remember these tips:

1. Welcome all visitors enthusiastically. Especially if they have cookies.

2. Keep everyone entertained. After all they came especially to see you.

3. Remind people of the location of the cookies frequently. (Remember, humans tend to forget these things if you don't)

4. Have FUN!!! Guests like to think that their visit made you happy.

5. Be adorable and you too may earn the "Crown of Cute"

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  1. The first picture is of you and your squirrel.