Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WOW #16 Voodoo or NOT Voodoo? Is that a Question?

Hello all you friends out there! So glad you stopped in! I LOVE visitors...even when they don't bring cookies.

You know, funny things happen in the office sometimes. One day I was working on a project and Auntie A came in and wanted to know if I was practicing voodoo. Hmmph! Really, Auntie A lets her imagination run away with her sometimes! Anyone should be able to see I was constructing some abstract art...

See? It's a face! I'm not really sure what voodoo even is!

So anyway, I went to work on another masterpiece and it was NOT easy either! Earl did not want to cooperate at ALL!

I had to chase him up and down the hall for about fifteen minutes before he finally agreed to be still and stay in his place in my sculpture. And then, MUMMY said I must be warding off evil spirits or something like that and Auntie M AGREED with her! Honestly! They all get a little carried away sometimes!

This is CLEARLY an abstract rendering of a baseball diamond with first base missing! (sigh)

Fortunately, my very good friends straightened everyone out, though for SOME reason, even THEY didn't seem to notice the creative element. Auntie A published the pictures and Auntie ViolinK spoke up first.

This is what she said: "I thought it was supposed to be the BONES of a chicken, not a chicken and ESPECIALLY not a RUBBER chicken."

Auntie ViolinK saw the flaws in their theory right away!

Then my very good friend C (pictured here with her little brother M) explained the whole matter to us.

This is what she said: "Hmmm eh I think it is kinda hard to do vodoo if 1 you have someone with thumbs looking at you at all times 2 how can he get a tent to do it in? 3 he cant get dog slobber on it

See how SMART she is? I guess that settles THAT!

Anyway, for now I've given up my artistic aspirations. I'd rather take a nap anyway!

Stay comfy!!


  1. Is "Earl" the chicken eating cotton candy?

  2. No. Actually Earl smoked a lot in his earlier years and couldn't seem to quit breathing out smoke. I did many surgeries on him, but to no avail.

  3. Oh - poor Earl. He STILL breathes smoke?