Friday, July 29, 2011

WOW #18 Workin' Dog Part 3: Not All Fun and Games!

Today was a busy day in the office! We all worked really hard, especially me! My job is to keep everybody...Uncle Boss Man, employees, customers...happy. That's really fun. There's other stuff that's not as fun though. You got it! Paperwork. I try to leave all of that stuff to Mummy and Auntie A and Auntie M, but I still end up doing my share. I have to help Mummy supervise too. She can't do everything by herself you know.

Here's an example of the way my busy days go, so you'll know how to act if you decide to work outside the home like me:

1. I start out by checking the Customer Lounge to see if anyone needs cheering up or entertainment.

Sometimes they have trouble seeing me for some unknown reason. When that happens, I stand there and say "Woof!" until they let me in or Mummy comes and gives me a different job to do. I go back and check on the customers often though. Different ones come in throughout the day and it wouldn't do to ignore any of them.

2. Next it's time to check the briefcase and see what papers we need for the day. Mummy helps me with this, because as my good friend C pointed out, I don't have thumbs.

3. THEN it's on to the paperwork. Whoohoo! (rolls eyes)

It's just such riveting work! I just....can't.........get..........enough.......

YAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN! Okay, so paperwork is really pretty least that's what I think. Mummy and Auntie A and Auntie M seem to enjoy it.

4. Now seems like a good time to look in on the workers. Make sure they're as busy as me.

Just casually glance in as you stroll by. If you're carrying something, it looks like you're on the way to somewhere else.

5. Okay, back to the paperwork. Filing's next on the agenda.

Hmm, now where does THIS one go? Is it quittin' time yet?

Oh well, it IS important to keep everything in its proper place so you can find it when you want it.

6. Mummy says this is what we're working to earn...

Hmm. What IS this stuff?

Is it edible?

She's kidding, right? I see no earthly use for this, I'd rather have cookies!

What's that? Oh! REALLY? Mummy says you need this stuff to BUY cookies! I did not know that, I thought she used that little rectangular piece of plastic to buy cookies. Wow! Learn something new every day!

7. Time for another check on the employees. Can't have them slacking off!

8. When I've caught up on all the paperwork, I try to tidy up a bit.

Good grief! Look at this closet!

Unbelievable! I think the office assistants have been having a party in here! What a mess!

Earl! Is that you? What in the world have you been doing?!

Hmm, should THIS be under HERE?

Honestly, the work never ends some days!

9. Last job of the day: let Mummy know it's time to GO HOME!

If staring doesn't work, I "woof". If "woofing" doesn't get the job done, I've perfected this squeaky whistle noise that ALWAYS gets me what I want in the end! AHH. The day's over, I'm off to find a good bowl of kibble with butter sauce and a comfy spot on the couch! Have a pleasant evening!

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