Sunday, July 10, 2011

WOW #8 Workin' Dog Part 1

It's very important to have a job. It helps your family out, gives you a feeling of self-worth and keeps you from being bored! Every dog has a job to do although most work from home; whether it's in the house entertaining the family, helping on the family farm or just giving your adopted family something to do (like take you for walks, feed you, bathe you, feed you, play with you, feed you) every one of those jobs is important. I have a job I have to commute to though. Fortunately it's working with my Mummy and Auntie A and Auntie M and sometimes Auntie V. (I LOVE Auntie V, she has GREAT toes!)

I started working just a few days after I came to live with Mummy. I really enjoy my job! My first day, Auntie M gave me my own desk and a personal assistant.

And of course I needed some office supplies too:

Then me and my assistant got right down to business:

Uhh, no not that one, this is the one where we got to work:

Hmm, well I KNOW we got to work at some point! Oh well.

Anyway here's how to get started right in your new job:

1. Make sure your workspace is set up properly.
2. Establish a proper working relationship with your assistant.

3. It's very good to have CONNECTIONS! Make friends with everybody you meet!
4. Excessive adorableness is a MUST!

5. Power naps are KEY to success!

There's a lot more you should know about Dogs On the Job, but I don't want to overwhelm you so we'll come back to this topic in the future. For now just remember to start your week with enthusiasm and a smile; no matter where you work.



  2. From brother TURBO: Don't think stay-at-home dogs don't work too! Why, I spend most of my day patrolling the sofa to make sure it's a safe place. I also stay abreast of the news on TV and in the neighborhood. Somebody needs to make sure the world is a safe place for Mom and Bentley. I take my job seriously - I might LOOK like I'm asleep but I'm always thinking...

  3. From TURBO: PS I agree about the power naps :o)

  4. And of COURSE your job is important Turbo. That's why I said EVERY dog works.

  5. TURBO says: Thanks Bubba!