Monday, July 11, 2011

WOW #9 Visiting Family

Visiting family is so much fun! Especially MY family. They're all so loving! And they know how to have a good time together: food, laughter, food, stories, food, catching up, food...I LOVE my family!

One of my favorite visits though was the first summer I lived with Mummy. She used to go somewhere almost every weekend and for some reason she didn't take me! And I was always so good at work...I never understood that! Anyway she didn't want to leave me alone when I was so little and all of her friends were lined up to spend time with me so I made lots of new friends. They were SOOO fun! I loved them all!

Cousin D has been a favorite of mine right from the beginning though. He's like me: super cool! The day HE took care of me, we went to his parents' house. That was great too! I love Uncle M and Auntie V (with the great toes) and cousin W was there too, home from school (whatever that is) for the summer. (I never went to school-whatever that is-but I got tutored. That's how I got so smart.) Cousin W is really nice too and smart! She said I was the cutest dog ever! SEE how smart she is? She was also sharp enough to take some pictures that day or I wouldn't have any to use for this post.

The first thing we did was fix dinner...SEE how great they are??! Cousin D cooked the steaks on top of the big hot thing out on the deck. I supervised from the sun room.

"I like mine rare Cousin D!"

After lunch I was a little tired so Cousin D got me settled for a nap. He was really nice about it too, he stayed right with me and was very still so I could get some sleep.

I did have to wake up a little and see what it was Cousin W was doing.

Well...sorta anyway.

After nap time we played some and I got a little tired again. This is what happened when Cousin W came back from someplace she called "The Gym" that like school I wonder?

I started to follow her but her legs are a lot longer than mine and I...just....couldn't........keep.............up............zzzzzz
Oops, sorry, just the thought of it made me tired all over again. So here's a few rules for visiting the family.

1. Make sure everyone there knows how much you love them. Give them hugs, kisses, toe licks and snuggles.

2. Repeat #1 frequently so they won't forget that you really, really care.

3. It is polite to be extremely enthusiastic about the food. After all, they've gone to a lot of trouble.

4. If they make a nice place for you to take a nap, take full advantage.

5. Be interested in everything, even if it interrupts your rest time. That's how they'll know you still care.

6. If you absolutely MUST, it is permissible to stop, drop and nap when and where you run out of energy. They'll probably just think it makes you more adorable.

7. When it's time to go, be sure to thank everyone, preferably with kisses. After all, you definitely want to be invited back again!


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. nice job bentley!

  3. You are precious!