Saturday, July 9, 2011

WOW #7 How to have beautiful toenails

WHEW!! I didn't think the electricity was EVER going to come back on! It would be on for a minute or so and then POW!! it was off again! But now it seems to be back on for good. I hope Mummy isn't upset that I stayed up so late, but my muse wouldn't let me sleep.

I had a really strong urge to explain to everyone the proper procedure for getting a pedicure so that everyone has a chance to be that much more adorable.

Today was toenail cutting day and I wanted to get it all down while it was fresh in my mind, so here without further ado are the pedicure rules:

1. This is first because it's the most important: make SURE there are enough cookies! At least one for each toenail. Check on this before you begin. You do NOT want to be caught short on cookies.

2. Get completely relaxed. Trust me: that "snap" noise isn't nearly as upsetting if you're in the zone.

3. Be REALLY careful that your owner will only snip a little at a time so your toes don't get pinched-MY Mummy is super cautious about this.

4. You MUST get a cookie after each snip – don’t let them go to the next toe until you have a piece of cookie safely in your mouth!

5. You can try to trick your owner into giving you more than one cookie per toe by jumping up and backing away. This doesn't work if your mom is as smart as MY Mummy. She never falls for it so I don't waste a lot of energy trying. You don't want them to give up and go back to what they were doing before, because THEN you won't get ANY cookies at all!

6. Once you’re done, you should get a WHOLE big cookie and lots of praise for being such a good dog!

Yaay, we’re done and my feet look beautiful again.

Keep these tips in mind and you'll be the envy of every dog in the neighborhood. (Oh, and a little drool on the ears never hurts anyone!)

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  1. Bentley, you are an inspiration to all dogs everywhere!