Monday, July 4, 2011

WOW #5 The Parade

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you're having a fun day. If you're going to see fireworks, stay safe. I don't like fireworks myself. They hurt my ears!

What I like is the 4th of July Parade in Ashland, VA. Now THAT is my kind of fun! I've been going to the parade ever since I was a little puppy...THREE whole years now! I get to march in the Basset Brigade. The first year I was only 10 weeks old and so I had a very special way of marching:

That's my Uncle J. He and his wife Auntie S are good friends of mine and Mummy's.

Yes Uncle J gave me a lift down the parade route that first year, but after that, he wouldn't do it anymore. I don't know why not...
(That was this year AFTER the parade)

Another fun thing about parades is meeting friends both new and old ones

that's my brother, Angus when we were puppies. The next one is him now. (He didn't come to the parade last year.)

I'm the one with the red collar and that stupid thing Mummy makes me wear sometimes. I HATE it!

My girlfriend Beatrice comes too. She lives with Auntie S and Uncle J. She is SO pretty and SOOO smart! She told me the truth about chocolate and dogs! This is what she looks like...

Nice huh? She was in the parade today too. We all marched along and greeted all the people who had come especially to see us. Auntie A took a video, maybe I can post that tomorrow. After the parade we all rested and tried to get the humans to give us something to eat, but nobody would, they didn't even DROP anything! Can you believe that?

Here's the best way to enjoy a good parade.

1. Get someone to carry you if you can. Both in the parade and on the way back to the car

2. Be as adorable and lovable as you possibly can. Don't forget to greet people graciously, after all, they came out on a hot day especially to see you.

3. After the parade is over, REST. That was hard work! You deserve it! (If you can get your mummy to fan you, that's good too.)

4. Look longingly at all the humans who are eating. The lovely Beatrice will demonstrate:

5. Costumes are okay, but inconvenient...

6. Finally: whatever else you do, be sure to have FUN, that's what it's all about!

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  1. Ah!! Bentley that was the very BEST wisdom conferred yet!! ( Especially the part about mummy fanning your sweet little self)!!