Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WOW #10 Brothers

First of all I have to begin by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN D!! I LOVE YA MAN!!

There! Now I've taken care of that important bit, let me move on to another important item: my topic for today...Brothers, particularly MY brother, Turbo.

He's been a good brother to me right from the start.

That first afternoon he made me feel welcome and played with me a little and helped Mummy take care of me.

He's very good-natured too. He never gets mad when I play too rough (at least MUMMY says I'm playing too rough). When she saw me chewing on his leg that time she said I couldn't do that to my brother. Turbo didn't mind though. I think he WANTED me to chew on his leg! Mummy also says I'm playing too rough when I try to get Turbo to play football with me. She says bopping him on the head with the ball so it will squeak (the ball, not the head) isn't the right way to ask. Turbo just lays there and looks patient. He never snarls or snaps or anything. I'm pretty sure he LIKES playing football that way. After all, he doesn't even have to get off the sofa to do it!

Turbo knows some really neat games that he taught me. One is tug-of-war. He holds onto one side of a toy and I grab the other and pull and pull and pull until he lets go. Mummy says that he lets go to humor me, but I think he does it when he can't hold on anymore because I'm so strong. Don't you? Another game I learned from him is running through the whole house at top speed without touching any furniture or bumping into anything. Turbo is very good at this. Mummy says all Bull Terriers are. Auntie A says Killer (I don't know him) wasn't, but Mummy says that Killer(whoever he was) was a clown and he ran into things on purpose just to get a laugh. I've learned how to do it pretty well too. We also run races in the yard and stuff like that. And we stay away from WELLS! Turbo SAID he liked to cool his feet off in the well, but I think he was just being polite.

We got rid of that well and now we don't have to worry about it. Turbo never seems to miss it.

Turbo likes to play mainly in the mornings. In the evenings he's tired from protecting the couch all day and doesn't feel much like playing. It's VERY hard to convince him to have a game of football or tug-of-war, even when we have guests who need entertaining (ALL guests need entertaining!). Sometimes I just join him on the sofa.

That can be fun too. Here we are deciding who's going to sleep on top of whom...

Turbo never minds when I climb on him and I don't mind either when he rests his head on me. That's what brothers are for!

So here's how you can develop a good relationship with your brother:


Just be like Turbo, he's the perfect big brother. You couldn't find a better one! OR a better role model!


1. Make sure you listen to your big brother, he knows some things you haven't learned yet. (Also this helps him to think he's the one in charge, even when he isn't)

2. Always invite him to play, even when he's tired. You don't want him to feel left out.

3. Bring him your toys sometimes. That is a generous thing to do, sharing your toys. (At least that's what Mummy and Auntie A tell me)

4. Warn your brother about the dangers of the well so he'll stay on the outside with you.

5. Know when to stop playing and have a quiet moment on the couch.

6. Be good to your brother, he's your best ally when it's time to get up in the morning. Just wake him up and get him to help you wake up your mom. You know, I think OUR mummy would actually sleep all the way to SIX AM if we didn't help her out! Unbelievable I know. We like to start waking her up around 3:30 so we can have lots of family time before Mummy and I have to leave for work. For SOME reason, Mummy doesn't seem to think this is a good idea.

7. Be sure to love your brothers a lot. They're your closest playmate, confidante and partner in crime/scapegoat (although Mummy usually blames ME for "mischief". I don't know why, I look so innocent!

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  1. From MUMMY: I love my boys SOOOOO much!!