Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW #13: The TRUTH about chocolate! by the Lovely Beatrice

Hi there everybody. We're celebrating three weeks of blogdom here and I thought for a special treat, I'd turn the laptop over to my girlfriend, the Lovely Beatrice. You may remember her from the Independence Day parade. Her mom's the one who told Mummy about it in the first place.

Here we are together at last year's parade. That's her mom with us and another Basset friend of ours.

And now without further ado I give you...THE LOVELY BEATRICE!!!

********************************************************************** do you work this thing? Oh wait I see now....

Hello fellow Bentley fans! Isn't he just the greatest? Mind you, I didn't think so at first. When he came to that first parade, I thought he was a little pipsqueak and I was afraid they were going to make me look after him! (Sorry Bentley!) Things didn't really get any better after I found out I didn't have to babysit because Mom and Daddy just had FITS over him!

And he couldn't even walk! Daddy had to carry him and I walked with Auntie B (Bentley's Mummy). I like Auntie B a lot, but that was MY Daddy! And anyway, there I was marching like the best recruit the US Armed Forces ever had and everybody was making a fuss over the PUPPY! (They didn't even take MY picture!)

Then MOM carried him back to his car because the "poor little darling" was sooo tired! Why should HE have been tired? Daddy did all the marching. But I'm not bitter...

So of course, after that Bentley grew into a regular dog and now we're very good friends. It's nice to have another Basset to play with. Sometimes I go to his house and Samantha (Bentley's Momma) and Tank are there too! I LOVE that!

Anyway Bentley asked me to share something special with you in hopes that we can help all Bassets everywhere.

I should start by saying that I just love my mom. We get along together almost like sisters, the really close kind NOT the fighting kind.

We're both really crazy about Daddy too. When we go riding in the car, sometimes I hang my head out the window so everybody can see that I'M with Daddy too!

Daddy travels a lot for work and one time he came home from some place called Europe with this big box of stuff. Mom seemed to think it was for her but I was sure it was for ME. So when they went out to dinner, I got it down from the tall table they left it on. (Honestly! They make it SOOOO difficult sometimes!) When I checked it out, it smelled really, really good so I opened it up and found all these little lumps wrapped in pretty paper...a WHOLE BUNCH of little presents just for ME! I guess I should have waited for them to get back so they could enjoy watching me open them all, but I just couldn't wait! (Have you ever felt like that?)

I started opening the first little gift and I found out that there was FOOD inside! (CHOCOLATE) Yum! It was SOOOOOOOOO good! It had some kind of really fabulous liquid stuff inside. After I ate it, I opened another gift and there was another one of those chocolates! I ate that one too. Then I got worried that maybe there weren't any more chocolates with that really tasty liquid inside, so I opened up all the little gifts and before I knew it, they were all gone! I felt SOOOOO good after I ate them except a little sad that there weren't any more of them.

It was strange though, the floor was sort of wobbly for a while there. It was really hard to walk on it so I just left all those papers from the presents in a little pile and sort of lurched across that wobbly floor until I found a comfy spot to rest. Then I fell asleep.

When Mom and Daddy got home they were very upset that I had opened all the presents without them. They were also worried because they said chocolate is bad for dogs and Daddy said that box weighed five pounds! I wasn;t sick at all though and you know, five pounds isn't really all that much. It didn't take me long at all to eat those chocolates! Well I was fine except for the wobbly floor that is, and really, I don't see how THAT could have been my fault, do you?

Bentley says that all humans either believe or PRETEND to believe that chocolate is bad for dogs and that we need to get the word out. We should let everyone know how I bravely tested that theory and proved it false! Auntie B (Bentley's Mummy) really believes that it's not safe to let dogs have chocolate. She STILL won't let Bentley have any! When he reminds her how I ate five pounds of it and was JUST FINE, she just says, "well Beatrice is special." (You know...that's true! Maybe she's right about the chocolate too...) what? Oh, sorry Bentley. All I can say is it's not bad for me! It even helped me to lose weight! Here I am with Mom after last year's parade
A little hefty, right? (ME, not Mom!)

Here's this year's photos:

Now lovely and svelte and FIT! And I owe it all to chocolate!

*****BLOG GUARDIAN'S NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: Feeding chocolate to dogs is most likely NOT a good idea, unless that dog is Beatrice. (Sorry Bentley!)*****


  1. Beatrice - you truly ARE a gorgeous lady!

  2. YUM! 5 lb of chocolate. My mouth is watering..