Monday, July 18, 2011

WOW #12: Workin' Dog Part 2-Employees

Greetings all! Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was okay, but I prefer workdays...unless there's a parade of course.

Anyway I thought it was time to give you a bit more information about my job. I hadn't been working very long when Mummy hired me some more assistants. First, as you probably remember, I had only a personal assistant.

But it quickly got to be more than the raccoon and I could handle on our own.

That's when Mummy hired the first squirrel. Squirrel was a great helper and very fast. We got a lot done.

But after a while we got so busy we couldn't keep up; even with Squirrel's super fast speed and Raccoon's efficiency.

So Mummy hired Squirrel Lee (he's very proud of his Southern roots). Squirrel Lee was so fast he practically broke the sound barrier and we got SO much done, we had plenty of time for those necessary snoozes during the day.

Ahhh those were the days! We were models of efficiency! People came from all over to visit us. Sadly, both of those squirrels and Russell too (he came later) developed these terrible growths that required surgery. They kept on working as long as they could but finally they had to give it up. Raccoon got sick and needed surgery too. In fact all of my assistants have needed some type of surgery.(It's the strangest thing! I'd say it was something in the water, but I drink that water too and I'm just fine!) That's why I had to learn to operate myself. I just couldn't see them suffer and our business insurance doesn't cover them. (Maybe if we had Aflac?)

Here's some tips for managing your employees.

1. Make sure your employees are always polite. They should wait for permission before entering someone else's office. You should model this behavior for them.

2. Once they've been invited in, they should state their business politely but concisely. Remember those other people have to work too!

3. Be careful! Even the best employees may goof off and go for the laugh when your back is turned.

4. If this happens, you should invite them into the hall for a private discussion about appropriate office behavior.

5. Then see to it that they apologize for the disruption.

6. When special guests come to the office, make sure your assistants get to meet them. It's a nice gesture.

This was the day that Buster (who was Governor of VA Bears at the time) came for a visit. I encouraged the squirrels to have their picture made with him. Buster lives at Auntie A's house. He doesn't come to visit very often and for some reason, he stays on top of the furniture when he does come. I can't imagine why!

7. Finally, make sure your helpers get plenty of rest. They work hard for you! Those power naps should be scheduled in EVERY day.

And THAT'S how to be a beloved (and adorable) boss.

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  1. Baa ha ha ha ha ha!! Hilarious stuff!