Thursday, July 28, 2011

WOW #17 The Quiet Evening at Home

We all need them! Quiet evenings just being ourselves at home with the home folks around. I love to spend any time at all with just Mummy and Turbo. Of course, it's fun when we have guests too. I love to play with them or entertain them with Tug-O-War (Everyone LOVES to play Tug-O-War with me, even if I DO always win!) but it's nice when it's just us three and we can all lay around on the couch and watch TV or play with some toys, maybe enjoy a know, all those down home type things.

Here's some ideas of things to do when it's just you and the Fam ...

1. A family dinner is always a good place to start. Yummy kibble with butter sauce! My Mummy is a GREAT cook!

2. After supper is a good time to play. Turbo only likes to play in the mornings and that's fun too, but I love to get a little exercise after a hard day at work and a good meal.

Hunt the bunny is a favorite game of mine.

He's a really BAD bunny sometimes!

So that's when we play Bunny Wrestling. I always win!

Whew! That was exhausting! That bunny! You have to watch him every minute!

3. If your mummy gets the camera out, be sure to make silly faces. Everybody LOVES that! It's so adorable.

See how that bunny's trying to stealthily slip into the picture? I TOLD you he was a sneaky little fella!

If the bunny is getting in your way, just move a little bit. If you've trained him right, he'll know better than to get between you and the camera more than once. My bunny is pretty well trained now. It's such a pity he had that terrible illness!

4. If Mummy keeps on taking pictures too long just give her the classic "WHAT?!" look...

5. And if THAT doesn't work, try a WOOF!

6. After playtime everybody piles on the sofa for TV watching (you may have to ignore Mummy and the camera as best you can).

My favorite shows are "The Dog Whisperer", horse racing, and old movies. I like cooking shows too, but I DO NOT like the shows with those silly, screaming women in the white dresses. What's THAT all about anyway? Fortunately, Mummy and Turbo don't like those shows either.

Turbo really gets excited when his favorite horse is about to win a race! My horse was at the back of the pack in this race! I couldn't believe it. Turbo's better at picking the ponies than I am.

7. When your program is finished, it's time for lights out! Yes it IS! Remember, we need to get up at 3:30 and start working on hauling Mummy out of bed. That can come really early if you don't get to bed on time! Yawwwwwwwwwwnnnn! Sweet Dreams!


  1. Bentley, 0330 is way too early. Our mommy won't let us take our morning walk until she wakes up. Parent's rule.

  2. Oh we can't go on our walk until Mummy wakes up either, that's why we have to start working on her so early. Would you believe she'd sleep until SIX AM if we let her?